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Tool Holsters

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Tape Measure Holsters: Designed to be used with virtually any tape measure, or the optional Tape Measure Sleeve, allowing Tape Measures to be safely tethered and holstered. Includes a Python Safety Retractor. The Tape Measure Sleeve conforms to the size of nearly every Tape Measure. Features Beacon Hi-Vis Reflectors.
Pouch Holster with Retractor: Quickly holster tape measures and other small tools. Includes a Python Safety Retractor.
Scaffold Wrench Holster with Retractor: Quickly holster scaffold wrenches while working at height. Features Beacon Hi-Vis Reflectors.
Hammer Holster: Allows for the safe holstering of virtually any hammer under 5 lbs. D-Ring on the side of the holster is load rated for 5 lbs. HOL-HAMMERCOMBO comes with a Hook2Quick Ring Coil Tether with Tail that is specially designed for use with the Hammer Holster. Hook2QuickRing Coil Tether is load rated for 2 lbs. During Transport, the Hammer Holster can be locked shut with a hook-and-loop strap. While being used, the strap can be locked up allowing for easy hammer access and holstering.
Adjustable Radio Holster: Holster adjusts to fit virtually any handheld radio, cell phone, and many other devices. Can be worn from Belt or Harness. A Micro D-Ring can be placed on the back of a device, and can then be tethered to a D-Ring on the front of the Adjustable Radio Holster using a Clip2Loop Coil Tether.
Spray Can/Bottle Holster: Flexible neoprene holster allows for quick tethering of bottles and spray cans. HOL-BOTTLECOMBO comes with Clip2Clip Coil Tether.
Drill Battery Holster/Sleeve: Unique sleeve design conforms to the size of virtually any drill battery. Sleeve is cinched to the drill, allowing the drill to be tethered off while being used at height. 10-lb. load rating.

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