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Jackson Safety* Hard Hat Visor Adapters

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Model K-4 adapter holds faceshields firmly on safety caps with heavy-duty clips and springs. Spark guard with pivoting double slots holds faceshield in down position. Fits most safety caps.
Model-H attaches faceshields to most full brim safety hats. Locking device holds faceshields securely in the down position or up out of the way.
Model C cap coil spring attachment is used with bill backwards hats. Fits SC-6, Sentry* III and Charger* hard hats.
Model-P mounts to most non-slotted caps with cap coil spring attachment. Locking device holds faceshield securely in up or down position.
37 Hatshield curved aluminum channel and coil spring attachment allows attachment of most Jackson Safety* faceshields to full-brim hard hats.
Faceshield and hard hat sold separately.

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