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G1562HTR Portable Eyewash/Drench Hose Unit

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Self-contained heated eyewash and/or drench hose. Delivers over 10-gals.of water for 15-min. Insulated to endure sustained low or freezing temperatures over long periods of time. Steel pressurized tank includes built-in carrying handles, air intake fitting, pressure gauge and pressure relief valve. Heating element is made of silicone rubber and is attached to tank with spring latch. Water temperature inside tank is regulated by an onboard thermostat. Comes standard with 15A GFCI with manual reset connected to a 9′ cord. Eyewash unit features (2) GS?Plus spray heads with flip top dust cover, internal flow control, filter, 1/2? IPS chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve with stainless steel flag handle and pressure regulator controls flow to 0.65 GPM for 15 min. Drench hose features single GS-Plus spray head with flip top dust cover, internal flow control, filter, chrome-plated brass squeeze valve with stainless steel lever handle and 6′ reinforced PVC hose. Ideal for use where a continuous supply of potable water is not available, especially in remote plant areas, low traffic and/or low hazard areas. Complies with ANSI Z358.1-2014.

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