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7000 Series Reusable Half Mask Respirators

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Lightweight design plus extra-wide sealing area provides all-day comfort. Mask drops down for convenient storage around neck or locks down for custom fit. Features adjustable head cradle and curved neck buckles for extra comfort. Low-profile design allows a wide field of vision. Fits under welding helmets and with safety glasses. Easy to clean and maintain. Available as pre-assembled respirators with the most popular cartridge/filter combinations. Paint spray/pesticide respirators include the added convenience of coming with organic vapor cartridges and N95 prefilters. Multi-gas respirators come with 7600 Smartョ cartridges which replace up to five gas/vapor cartridges, making cartridge selection easier for workers. P100 respirator comes with 7940P100 filter disks. NIOSH Approved.

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