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3M Versaflo TR-600 PAPR Kits

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Features li-ion battery, adjustable airflow options and expanded range of NIOSH-approved filters and cartridges for pharmaceutical environment hazards. Compatible with the 3M Versaflo Respirator Systems family of components, multiple configurations of headtops, breathing tubes, batteries, filters and cartridges. Two battery options for up to eight hours run time, less charging time and reduced down time. Charge level indicators on battery and PAPR user interface and LED status lights for battery charge on both battery and blower. Low-charge and low-flow warnings, including vibratory, audible and visual alarms. PAPR alarm provides approximately 15 mins. of warning prior to automatic low-power shutdown. Lightweight, ergonomically designed for a contoured fit and greater movement in tight work spaces. Multiple airflow rate options for user comfort. Multiple belt size adjustments and extenders for proper fit and comfort; belt designed with flexible air channels to help provide wide, comfortable support. Fully submersible; quick and easy to clean and decontaminate; tool-free maintenance. Meets IP53 rating while in use in decontamination shower. Meets IP67 rating when used with cleaning and storage plugs to enable full submersion for easy clean-up and decontamination. Pre-calibrated and ready to use, directly out of the box.
Easy Clean Kit includes: S-433 Hood Assembly, TR-602N Motor/Blower, TR-630 Standard Battery, BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube, TR-627 Easy Clean Belt, TR-6710N (HE) Filter for Particulates, TR-6700FC Filter Cover, TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger and BT-922 Disposable Breathing Tube Cover.
Heavy Industry Kit includes: M-307 Hard Hat Assembly Headtop, TR-602N Motor/Blower, TR-632 High Capacity Battery, BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube, TR-626 High Durability Belt, TR-6530N (HE/OV/AG/HF) Filter/Cartridge, TR-6500FC Filter Cover, TR-641N Single Station Battery Charger and BT-926 High Temperature Breathing Tube Cover.

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